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The Best Tire Shop in Ontario

At TY Cushion Tire, we are the go-to tire shop in Ontario. We offer a wide range of exceptional quality commercial tires and OTR Tires. TY Cushion Tire started producing tires in 1958 and was the first company to design the advanced aperture structure cushion riding solid tire. In 1980, our focus turned from producing pneumatic tires to producing industry specific, solid tire. Our production department has worked hard over the years to revolutionize the solid tire manufacturing process, eliminating the traditional problems seen in other industrial tires.

With a commitment to improving quality, our team is continuously researching and developing different rubber compounds for use in specific OTR applications. With over 35 years of industry experience, TY Cushion Tire is the leading manufacture of industry specific OTR tires. With a wide range of sizes and patterns, we can provide for all your solid tire needs.

Setting the Standard for Solid OTR Tires
and Commercial Tires in Ontario

Our commitment to excellence and innovation goes further than just our products. TY Cushion Tire is more than just a tire manufacturer. With a promise to deliver excellent customer care, it is our goal to help you better manage your tire program through a system of measurements, rotation recommendations, and replacement forecasting. We are the #1 tire shop in Ontario committed to saving you time and money!

Our Tire Expert Team

As a customer, you can count on TY Cushion Tire to always provide the best customer service, highest quality products, and the right tire solutions at a fair price. Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Whether it be mining, rental, OEM, scrap, or waste, our team of tire professionals are equipped with years of industry experience and knowledge. If you have any questions, contact TY Cushion Tire in Ontario! We are here and happy to assist you.