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Solid Commercial Tires in Ontario for Front and Back End Loaders

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TY Cushion Tire—an industry leading tire shop in Ontario—offers durable commercial tires for front and back end loaders. We have decades of experience in the tire industry. We believe in providing our clients with the absolute best. From attentive service to quality products, we will not disappoint you.

Whether it’s solid tires, waste services, or loaders, we offer a variety of helpful services and products that are bound to make your job easier. Ty Cushion Tire has been producing tires and loaders since 1958. We are the first ever company to design the advanced aperture structure cushion riding solid tire. After decades of experience, we can confidently say we know the ins and outs of the tire industry.

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Through years of innovation and investment in state-of-the-art technology, TY Cushion Tire revolutionized the manufacturing process to create a line of solid tires that will solve all of the traditional drawbacks seen in other industrial tires. Within a period of five years, the company has successfully established markets in North America, Asia, Australia, South Africa, and Europe. In the coming decade, TY Cushion Tire is poised to capture new and expanding markets both domestically and internationally. If you have any questions, contact TY Cushion Tire in Ontario today!


  • 25-Inch OEM Rim Size Tire
  • Are you in the trash industry? perfect for concrete floors

F Pattern

F Pattern
  • Tread’s Characteristics: Good shock absorption, excellent disposal of mud and water.
  • For Use: On wet, muddy, roads. Recycle centers, transfer stations, and scrap yards.

P Pattern

P Pattern
  • Tread’s Characteristics: Good endurance and resistance of high temperatures.
  • Ideal Conditions For Use: On level ground.

D Pattern

D Pattern
  • Tread’s Characteristics: Ease of operation, high endurance.
  • Ideal Conditions For Use: On fairly flat surfaces for short-distance operations.

Impressions - Loaders

644 DA Waste
930 DA waste
938 DA Scrap
938 DA Trash
950 DA Scrap w Blur
988 DA Scrap
992 & Skid Scrap
L120 PA Scrap
Terex T45 UA & Volvo L120 PA Scrap-2