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Solid Tires in Ontario for Use in Waste Processing Facilities

TY Cushion Tires—the best tire shop in Ontario—are designed to withstand the punishments seen in the waste industry. Whether your facility processes household waste, green waste, plastic and glass, or C&D materials, our rubber compound offers the performance and comfort you need. Our custom blend helps to relieve fatigue on the operator, wear on the machine, and provides a larger footprint with more traction to get the job done without compromising durability.

We have tire management programs to better assist you. We deal with the top 5 waste companies in the United States. We have had national accounts with these companies for several years, which means we have access to a wide range of resources.

From quality service to premium products, TY Cushion Tire only offers the best. Everything we build is made from 100% natural rubber. We do not use fillers like most other companies in this industry. We are the only ones in this field of the press on tire that uses natural rubber. We can also use the original rims you are using, making our services more cost efficient for you. We will also analyze the cost of ownership for you. Our goal is to make your interaction and business with us as easy as possible.

If you have any questions about our waste services, get in touch with Ty Cushion Tire in Ontario today. We are here and happy to help!