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Solid tires online by TY Cushion Tire in Upland

TY Cushion Tire in Upland has decades of experience in the tire industry. We believe in providing our clients with the absolute best. From attentive service to quality products, we will not disappoint you.

Our solid tires are extremely helpful for a number of reasons. These tires are solid rubber all the way through. They are puncture and flat proof, resistant to cutting chipping, and chunking. Solid rubber tires are best suited for heavy loaded, slow moving industrial equipment. Machines operating in harsh environments destroy traditional pneumatic and foam filled tires. TY Cushion Tires are solid tires designed to eliminate all of the wasted money and other drawbacks seen in traditional industrial tires.

Over the years, solid tire manufacturers have experimented with compounds and manufacturing processes to reduce production costs and time. One of those modifications has been to replace full rubber with a fiber reinforced rubber compound.

What is it and is it affecting your tires performance?
Fiber reinforced rubber compounds are made from rubber and fiber which are blended together. This manufacturing process is considerably cheaper and canalso reduce cure times. Tests have proven solexpensive filler in the middle of the tire is the manufacturing standard for press on tires.

The difference is obvious and often is visible as the tire begins to wear through the full rubber exterior. TY Cushion Tire did at one time practice the same industry standard, however to improve the quality and the life of the tire, we have taken the “filler” out of the tire and replaced it with full rubber, all the while providing our customers with competitive prices.

Benefits of solid tires:

  • Loaded tires are 100% natural rubber
  • Better than pneumatic tires
  • No issues with cutting sidewalls,
  • Low cost of ownership
  • O- our solid tires have the same ride as foam-filled tires
  • Most comfortable riding solid tires